ALMOHADILLA ALPACA FIBER: A gift of mystic wisdom from the Andes of Ecuador.


Healing Alpaca Pillows

How the pillows are made

• Origin: The alpacas are natives of the mountains of Ecuador and their fibers contain the magic, the spirituality, the wisdom and the medicine of the Middle of the World.

• Process: This begins with the selection of the alpacas, and continues through communication with the alpacas in order to receive the gift of their fibers.

Only selected people participate in the process of cutting the fibers, hand-cleaning the dried dirt and plant matter entangled in the wool, and washing the wool.

Fabric is then cut and sewn, leaving space to put the weighed and cleaned wool inside the pillow, and then the pillow is sewn closed and the label is put on.

During the whole process, the grandfathers and grandmothers are impregnating the pillows with their prayers of gratitude, with joy and wisdom. Mothers, fathers and children with their play, laughter and happiness, also participate.

Rituals are carried out for a night under the moon and a day in the sun, as the pillows are impregnated with the essential oil of molle, the medicinal and magical tree of the Andes mountains. And, in this way, the pillows are ready - full of magic, and of plant and animal medicine.

• Purpose and significance of offering these pillows at this time: It's important that everyone — each one who helps distribute these pillows, as well as those who buy them — have this understanding, that each pillow is special and sacred. Because of this, please return the pillow and we promise to return your money, if you find you are wasting them or using them without respect.

We offer these pillows now because in this time, the written and spoken word is not enough to be able to walk our path, to be able to fly with heart and mind together in balance - Eagle & Condor.

To walk forward—to fly—in this time happens through feeling, through perceiving, by observing, by living from moment to moment in each place, in each instant, with all the senses in their fullness. This is the purpose to which each pillow, with the fiber of the alpacas, contributes.

Special Qualities of Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fiber is one of the world's finest wools. It is three times stronger, softer and more delicate than sheep's wool and seven times warmer. There are 22 varieties of natural colors. In its physical structure, the fiber contains microscopic air pockets, that can store and constantly recycle light energy accumulated by the fibers. This light energy is a product of a series of physical and biochemical reactions made up of an exact combination of a number of elements of nature: solar energy, air, water, minerals and other components.

This particular fiber accumulates and then recycles the accumulated light energy, constantly emanating a vibrational energy, which regulates and balances the energy states of the different bodies—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

It's important to understand that a disease or any ailment or physical and emotional discomfort is nothing more than an energy imbalance. In order to return to the normal (natural) state, the energy needs to be rebalanced and re-aligned. Alpaca fiber helps to fulfill this role of restoring the subtle channels of connection and communication. To this benefit, we've added the energy and intention given by the wise wanderers of light, the Iachaks of the Andes.

We must remember that indigenous peoples guided by the wisdom of the Andes, both before and after the arrival of the Spanish, have always used the alpaca fiber to bring about harmony and the state of continuously living in fullness and well-being (Sumak Kausay). Ritual has been one of the most widespread techniques used to link these states, giving rise to rituals for healing and protection. This healing is aimed at harmonizing our physical, psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It can also be used to harmonize and protect the ecosystem in which human beings live, which includes nature and the cosmos.

How to Use the Pillows

Knowing the enormous benefits of the alpaca fiber which is now in your hands, we suggest taking into consideration the following recommendations:

• The almohadilla alpaca fiber can be used both to contribute to rebalancing the energy states of our body and to encourage the rebalancing of the energy states of the natural environment.

• Before use, connect with the cumulative light energy contained in the alpaca fiber, and put your intention or desire on the goal you want to achieve.

• Place the almohadilla alpaca fiber in the place where you feel discomfort or pain, or at the place in the environment where you feel it's needed. Let your heart guide you.

• The amount of time to leave the almohadilla depends on your intention. Just let your heart be your guide.

• After using the almohadilla, we suggest that you expose it to sunlight and/or molle oil. It's ideal to expose it to the first hours of sunlight. We suggest at least one hour of exposure to light, which will recycle the energy stored in the microscopic air pockets of the alpaca fiber. The optimum is a full day in the sun and a night in the moonlight to restore the pillow, particularly if you have loaned the pillow to someone else for healing.

— Don Alberto Taxo, Ecuador.

1 Alpaca Pillow, $25 plus shipping. (For int'l orders, additional postage may be required.)

2 Alpaca Pillows, $40 plus shipping. (For int'l orders, additional postage may be required.)

Custom Made and Personalized Alpaca Fiber Quilts

There is a very special opportunity to be enveloped in the balancing and healing light energy of alpaca fiber—order your own handmade alpaca fiber quilt. Made with the same awareness and energy as the pillows, the alpaca fiber is then sewn into a lovely ivory quilt. A special ceremony and blessing with molle oil is performed for your quilt, and your full name is embroidered on it. Several gifts are also included with your personalized quilt. Lightweight and yet amazingly warm, spend your nights wrapped in the energy of the Andes. Full/queen size quilt is approximately 78" X 78", fits into a standard queen duvet cover and costs $700. Allow 4-6 weeks for the quilt to be made, blessed, personalized and shipped to you.

Personalized Alpaca Quilt, $700 plus shipping. (For int'l orders, additional postage may be required.)