Books & CDs

Friendship with the Elements: Opening the Channnels of Connection - NEW Edition

5 1/4 x 8, 142 pages, B&W.

In an engagingly direct and intimate way, Master Iachak Alberto Taxo invites us into a world of connection and gratitude by showing us how to grow friendships with the earth, air, fire and water. More...

Friendship with the Elements CD: Love Songs to Water, Earth, Air, Fire

Audio CD

A CD companion to the Friendship with the Elements book. These chants are love songs to the elements, sung by Don Alberto in his native Kichwa language. They are spontaneous outpourings of gratitude affinity, friendship and connection with the elements. More...

Reconnecting with Our Indigenous Heart (listen)

5 1/2" X 8 1/2", 62 pages,- colored photos & graphics—book in Spanish and English

Full version includes book plus 4 audio CDs— original Spanish/Kichwa recording (2 CD's), English translation with Kichwa songs (1 CD) and CD of Don Alberto's songs, prayers and drumming for meditation and journeying—Friendship with the Elements CD (formerly titled as Journey of Connection CD) (1 CD).

Student version includes book plus English and Friendship with the Elements CDs (2 CD's)

Spanish/Kichwa version includes book and Spanish/Kichwa CDs (2 CD's)

In this unique audio recording, Master Iachak Alberto Taxo speaks with great eloquence and passion, calling us to return once again to our own heartfelt connection with the elements and nature. More...

An Invitation from the Andes: Entering the Wisdom of the Condor (listen)

5 1/2" X 8 1/2", 33 pages, with graphics throughout—book in Spanish and English
Now with audio CD of the book being read in English, and in Spanish by Don Alberto with Andean musical interludes.

An Invitation from the Andes contains the essence of Don Alberto's teachings and wisdom in short, poetic aphorisms to be savored and practiced again and again. More...