Friendship with the Elements

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To connect with Mother Nature, it's necessary to greet her. When we greet someone and they greet us, a connection is made. The mind might say, “How should I greet?” The heart knows how to greet. The heart greets according to how it feels—spontaneously.

In an engagingly direct and intimate way, Master Iachak Don Alberto Taxo, invites us into a world of connection and gratitude by showing us how to grow friendships with the earth, air, fire and water. Through the simple daily habits, practices and awareness found here, we are given the unique opportunity to apprentice to a sacred and ancient wisdom with a master of the tradition. Wherever we are and in whatever circumstances, we can connect with the power of the Condor — the power to connect through the heart.

In Friendship with the Elements, Taita Iachak Alberto leads us in finding our own unique ways of connecting with the elements. He shows us how to create a life based on simple habits done within the context of our daily lives. These simple habits cleanse and open the channels of perception within us, enabling us to connect from the heart with the power of the elements.

This is a book to be savored and practiced, to be read in again and again. In a recent book release talk, Taita Iachak Alberto said, “One can read this book as something interesting. Or one can read it in a more internal way... Or, one can read it, extracting the nectar of life.” At another point he said, “You can read the book by touching it. You can read it with your hand. It's not only the eyes that can read. Every cell of your body can do everything that the body can do.”

“Joy and happiness are great prayers of Life. Feeling gratitude when we're eating is another prayer. Taking a bath, feeling a sensation of gratitude towards the water, is another prayer. Walking, being aware of the fact that it is a great gift, is another prayer. It's very simple to have contact with the wisdom of the Creator.”

5 1/4 x 8, 135 pages, English.

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Friendship with the Elements CD

Friendship with the Elements CD cover

These chants are love songs to the elements, sung by Don Alberto in his native Kichwa language. They are spontaneous outpourings of gratitude, affinity, friendship and connection to Water, Earth, Air, Fire. The sounds, the melodies, and most especially the feeling that come through his expression are an invitation to us to reconnect to the elements, and to our own heart, an invitation to remember that we are earth, air, fire and water.

To give yourself the full benefit of a healing session, take some time free of distractions and listen to the full sequence of invocation, songs, drumming and closing prayer. Close your eyes and sit or lie down quietly, letting the sounds transport you wherever your spirit wants to go. Use them to enter into youre heart's natural ability to connect with the elements. Then bring back the wisdom from your heart and put it into practice in your daily life. You can also listen to these songs during your day, to help strengthen your connection to the elements.

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Song to Earth (Track 3, Friendship with the Elements CD)