Reconnecting with Our Indigenous Heart

5 1/2" X 8 1/2", 62 pages, with graphics throughout – In Spanish, Kichwa with English translation
Includes 4 audio CDs

In this unique audio recording, Master Iachak Alberto Taxo speaks with great eloquence and passion, calling us to return once again to our own heartfelt connection with the elements and nature. He reminds us of the great power to be found when we bring awareness and gratitude, along with our own ways of intimate connection with nature—back into our hearts and lives. This he calls the Power of the Condor.

Includes audio CDs of Don Alberto’s original recording in Kichwa/Spanish, as well as a reading of the English translation. Bonus CD—Friendship with the Elements: song prayers and drumming for journeying, meditation, and deepening connection with the elements (formerly titled, Journey of Connection).

Note: Friendship with the Elements CD can be purchased separately under the title of Friendship with the Elements: Love Songs to Water, Earth, Air, Fire.

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Buy Reconnecting book - Student Edition - with 2 CDs - English and Friendship, $20. (For int'l orders, additional postage may be required.)

Buy Reconnecting book - Spanish Edition with original 2-CD recording in Spanish and Kichwa, $20. (For int'l orders, additional postage may be required.)

Listen to Reconnecting

Opening and Reconnecting (Track 3, Spanish Disc One)

Opening Prayer (Track 2, Spanish Disc One—Kichwa)

Reconnecting (Track 5, English Disc)

Song to Earth (Track 3, Friendship with the Elements Disc)